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Alumnae Spotlight
Dr. Nancy Clark '90

Nancy Clark '90Alumnae in Training Program Manager Sarah Ward recently interviewed Dr. Nancy Clark '90, a psychotherapist, author, international lecturer, medical intuitive and presently a candidate for ND (Naturopathic Doctor). Seminars on many subjects as well as her 125-hour course and clinic in "Medical Intuition and Energy Healing Certification" have been taught around the world for twenty years. Her latest book is The Energy Healer's Guide: an Integrative Medicine Program for Self Development and Teaching.
Dr. Clark serves on the board of the International Association of Near Death Studies as coordinator of international groups and is the founder and director of AZ Integrative Therapies in Tucson.

Why did you choose Alverno College? "It had been many years since I received my AB at a junior college. Alverno accepted some of my credits and allowed me to test out of some subjects. I felt the instructors and staff also appreciated my world experiences."

What does being an Alverno Alumna mean to you? "I continue to be proud when reading of the accomplishments plus the forward thinking and teaching of Alverno. The greatest asset for me personally was becoming comfortable speaking in front of groups. I did not know at the time that this was the direction my life would take me. The instructors take time to become personally involved with each of their students. Students are given a sense that they make a difference. The weakest are encouraged to develop their strengths – and I have seen that they do!"

What do you like most about the career path you have chosen? It is infinitely creative! While I was at Alverno, I thought I would be a graphics designer and in fact, worked two semesters with two graphics companies. It was lonely work as I would sit in a cubicle and work on various projects. The only time I spoke with others was when I had a problem. It became apparent that I enjoyed being with and helping people. That awareness pushed me forward to my graduate studies.

My life has been a series of miracles, being at the right place at the right time and meeting the right people. I met a PhD/MD in Canada and was invited to work on projects in post communist countries. That was the beginning of speaking at international psychology conferences. From there I was introduced to people in Western Europe and began speaking in countries there. Next I was invited to the Middle East. For the past ten years I have taught and seen private clients for three months of the year in Japan. My next goal is to get the seminars I teach available online.

What is your greatest accomplishment? 1) Speaking at the United Nations in New York several times (NGO)  2) Speaking at a world peace conference in Budapest, Hungary with 1,000 people in the audience.

What is something people don’t know about you? I started teen camps in post communist countries because the parents of the teens had no sense of identity. During the communist regime, everyone was treated the same. A street sweeper received the same salary as a brain surgeon. As a result, parents did not know how to give their children the inspirational awareness of who they are. The camps were truly transformational and letters from parents confirmed the positive changes in their children.

What did you do immediately after graduation? I began my graduate studies, started a couple of groups, began teaching and traveling around the world.

What is your favorite campus memory? I have many but I will relate an amusing one. A group of non-traditional age students always sat together at a long table for lunch. There were usually at least sixteen of us plus one girl about nineteen years old. After a couple of months of her presence at our table, I finally asked her why she sat with us. Her response was that she loved to hear about how things were in the olden days.

Any advice for future Alverno alumni? Be open! Take every opportunity that presents itself.  Do not imagine that you will have one career for life. I believe those days are gone forever. Jobs are now morphing into what future humanity requires.
Become a friend with your instructors and find out what they expect from you. This will make every subject easier and more enjoyable.

As an Alverno Alum, what advantages do you believe and Alverno education has over other universities? I look back with fond memories of the testing system. It creates an equality among women (and men). The old male competitive system is becoming obsolete. We learned to develop unique ideas and present them succinctly. As a psychotherapist, I know from experience that people learn who they are by speaking. Alverno gives its students four developmental years for redefining the individual.

As an Alverno Alum, what advice would you give a young woman who is considering attending Alverno? Compare Alverno with the large state universities and I think you will discover as I did that there is no comparison. You will never be just another number. You can develop your unique skills and express them in various projects. You will greet life’s challenges with confidence and greater understanding.