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Alumnae Spotlight
Helen Wronski '71

Helen Wronski '71As CEO of the New Jersey Girl Scouts, Helen Wronski has many responsibilities, especially as the Girls Scouts celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Wronski makes sure the assets she has today achieve current goals, but she also remains "future oriented" - keeping aware of any changes that may affect the Girl Scouts. Wronski never forgets she is responsible towards 54,000 members and anyone else involved with the Girl Scouts.

Of her role as CEO, Wronski claims, "Every week brings new and different challenges, which I love about my role." Some challenges are controversial like allowing a transgendered youth join a Girl Scout troop to the great tradition of selling Girl Scout cookies. Wronski is currently involved with the "ToGetHerThere" campaign (www.togetherthere.org) whose goal is to achieve gender balance in our society within the next generation.

Without a doubt, Wronski's Alverno education greatly influenced her. One of her most vivid Alverno memories is of President Joel Read greeting a business man with authority and being totally in control of the situation. This moment told Wronski, she, too, could be a leader. Wronski recently had a meeting with nine men regarding a construction lawsuit. Once the meeting ended, an administrative assistant asked Wronski if she had been scared meeting all those men. Being scared never crossed Wronski's mind, and that is due to her Alverno education.

It's almost serendipitous that the Girls Scouts are celebrating their 100th anniversary the same year Alverno is celebrating its 125th anniversary. Of Alverno's 125th anniversary, Wronski says, "I am Alverno College, now 125 years, part of its history, vision and future. I am sure that there are pictures of me somewhere in the archives as I served two years as the school photographer and performed four years in the orchestra...When current days students see me in those pictures and wonder about my life, it is happy, rich and rewarding and full of promise each day, built on the magic that is the history of Alverno College."

Article by Jennifer Kaufman '04