Attention Alverno Alumna:

The Alverno Association Alumnae Board (Administrative Committee) is soliciting self-nominations for members to serve on the Alumnae Board (AAA).  The Alumnae Association Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Director of Alumnae Relations.  In this capacity the Board works with the Director to develop and implement the strategic direction of the Association, and to promote the Association through involvement on committees and by supporting its activities.

All members of the Alverno Alumnae Board are selected to this position based on demonstrated involvement, support and commitment to the College.  The term is three years with the option of reappointment for three additional years with the approval of the Alverno College Alumnae Board.  In accepting this three-year appointment, the board member agrees to fulfill the responsibilities associated with board membership, which include, but are not limited to the following:

Benefits of Board Service

Interested candidates should email the following information to Cindy Jackson at

The Administrative Committee will review each candidate’s nomination packet and conduct interviews before selecting candidates and presenting them to the entire Alumnae Association Board in May for approval.  New Board members will be announced shortly after.

Nominations are due by February 12, 2010.