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September '69

September '69 Logo

The "September '69" program came about as a forum for discussion between students, faculty and administration to effect beneficial changes in the Alverno learning process. Ideas that sprang forth from these dialogues eventually became the framework for the Alverno Ability-Based Curriculum.

Chris Pawelski at September '69
Student Chris Pawelski at September '69

September '69 was held from September 3-5, 1969. This letter sent to new freshmen on August 5, 1969 gives a good overview about the event and its planning.

Here is a link to a printable version of the letter. [PDF]

Faculty received a letter, too dated August 2, 1969. [PDF]

Sister Joel Read also sent a letter to the faculty prior to the event dated August 20, 1969. Here is a link to f Sister Joel's letter. [PDF]


Here is a link to the schedule of events for September '69. [PDF]

Alverno College issued a press release about September '69. [PDF]


The cover story in the Autumn 1969 issue of Alverno Today was about the September '69 program. [PDF]


A direct result of September '69 was a change in the grading policy at Alverno. Here is a link to information about the new grading policy. [PDF]

After a few years, the excitement from September '69 started to wane. A student, Sue Jennings, wrote an open letter to students and faculty expressing her disappointment. She asked, "where is the spirit of September '69?" [PDF]

Also, there is a useful chronology available listing events and developments at Alverno associated with September '69 and its aftermath. [PDF]