Alverno Presidents

There have been seven presidents of Alverno College since it was established as St.Joseph's Normal School in 1887. In the early years, the mothers superior of the School Sisters of St. Francis also acted in the capacity of college president.

Mother Alexia Hoell,  President 1887-1907

Mother Alexia Hoell
President, 1887-1907
Mother Alfons Schmid,  President  1907-1929

Mother Alfons Schmid
President, 1907-1929
Mother Stanislaus Hegner, President 1929-1942

Mother Stanislaus Hegner
President, 1929-1942
Mother Corona Wirfs, President 1942-1948

Mother Corona Wirfs
President, 1942-1948

Sr. Augustine Scheele and Sr.Joel Read were the first two presidents of the institution since it has carried the name, "Alverno College."

Sr. Augustine Scheele, President 1948-1968

Sr. Augustine Scheele
President, 1948-1968

Sr. Joel Read, President 1968-2003

Sr. Joel
President, 1968-2003

Dr. Mary Meehan, Alverno's seventh president, is the first lay person to hold that title.

Dr. Mary Meehan, PhD.
President, 2004-

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