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What career opportunities are available to the female liberal arts student after graduation? This was the question that the RCW strived to answer through the research done via interviews and surveys for Project POWER (Predication of Women's Entry-Level Requirements). The objectives of the project were to "probe from both public and private corporations the specific degree requirements for entry-level jobs in each of the individual departments of every firm contacted, and as a corollary to job prerequisites, the identification of the range of positions available to persons with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree."


Article on Project POWER in Alverno Today, 1974
Alverno Today, November/December 1974 Masthead

Project Summary Statement
Project POWER Summary Statement Page 1
Project POWER Summary Statement Page 2
Project POWER Summary Statement Page 3

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Sample Form Letters that Accompanied Survey Instruments
Project POWER Form Letter 1
Project POWER Form Letter 2


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