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The RCW published a newsletter on and off in one form or another from 1971 until 1998. The first incarnation of a newsletter, The RCW Newsletter, was published biweekly from 1971 until 1974. From 1981 until 1994, an irregular newsletter, The RCW Reporter, was published. The RCW Report, also irregularly produced, was published from 1996-1998. Over the years, the RCW also published numerous conference proceedings, reports, simple brochures, and bibliographies. Samples of some of these are shown below.


Part of An Early RCW Brochure
Early RCW Brochure from about 1972

"The Alverno Research Center on Women Newsletter, an in-house publication, for faculty, students, and staff of Alverno College was published biweekly. In addition to carrying news of, and reviewing new accessions (books, periodicals, articles, etc.) to our Center Library, the Newsletter informs the Alverno community and other interested individuals of significant events concerning women. A listing of local feminist organizations' activities is also provided."


The First RCW Newsletter From September 1971

First RCW Newsletter from September 1971

RCW Newsletter from September 1972
RCW Newsletter from September 1972


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December 1991 Alpha Article about the RCW Reporter
December 1991 Alpha Article Describing the RCW Reporter


RCW Reporter from October 1986
October 1986 RCW Reporter

RCW Report from October 1996
Octobeer 1996 RCW Report


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