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March 24, 1982
April 23, 1993


A precursor to today's "Community Day" at Alverno, Seminar Day was created as "an opportunity for students, staff and faculty [and sometimes members of the Milwaukee community] to come together to learn from one another, share information and resources, take a break from the regular grind, and rejuvenate as lifelong learners." Seminar Day typically focused on one topic such as "chaos," "creativity," or "democracy." The Research Center on Women sponsored two such days. The first, "Women and the City," focused on women in the urban environment. The second was on Wisconsin women and was entitled, "Wisconsin Women Making a Difference."

"Women and the City," March 24, 1982


A Memo from then Academic Dean, Sr. Austin Doherty, Announcing "Women and the City" Seminar Day to College Faculty and Staff

"Women and the City" Seminar Day Flyer Page 1
"Women and the City" Seminar Day Flyer Page 2

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"Wisconsin Women Making a Difference," April 23, 1993

"Wisconsin Women Making a Difference," Seminar Day Flyer

An Article on Seminar Day in the Student Newspaper, Alpha, March 1993

Alpha, March 1993 Masthead
Alpha Article from March 1993 About "Wisconsin Women Making A Difference" Seminar Day


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