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Women and Their Education Workshop

September 1-2, 1971


On September 1 and 2, 1971, a landmark two day Faculty Institute was conducted on the "Education of Women." The institute was designed "specifically to provide work and study which would better inform and sensitize the faculty to areas of major change affecting man-woman relations and to women's situation regarding education, employment, etc..."

At the workshop, information was collected through questionnaires distributed to faculty members. They were asked to list the approach or changes in content, methodology, concepts, or class activities which reflected an awareness of women students' needs. The information was orally presented later at the workshop and was included in the published workshop summary notes.


Dean Bernarda Handrup's Letter of Introduction Prior to the Institute on Women and Their Education


Members of the workshop planning committee included: Zita Allen, Barbara Brown, Sr. Bernardin Deutsch, Sr. Austin Doherty, Sr. Margaret Earley, Fr. Barry Griffin, Richard Lewis and Cynthia Stevens.


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Workshop Schedule p.1
"Women and Their Education" Institute Schedule Page 1


Workshop Schedule p. 2
"Women and Their Education" Institute Schedule Page 2



Workshop Summary Notes p.1

"Women and Their Education" Institute Summary Page 1


Workshop Summary Notes p.2
"Women and Their Education" Institute Summary Page 2

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