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The Alverno College Art Education program will prepare you to teach art at the K-12 grade level. Many art education programs require less of an art studio background for education majors than art studio majors. This is not the case at Alverno College.

Regardless of the major you choose in the art department, all have the same strong art fundamentals and advanced level art studio background. This enables the student preparing to be an art teacher to have a wide variety of art studio experiences prior to graduation and teacher certification. Breadth of study is important in art education since art teachers want and need to know many media and processes for the benefit of their future students’ educational experience. As an educator, you are required by the state of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to learn both two and three dimensional media and processes.

Alverno College also prepares the student with a strong foundation in educational theory and practice through its introductory education classes, arts methods classes at the elementary and secondary level and field experiences in local area schools. The education and teaching methods classes teach the theoretical and planning strategies the student needs to know to teach effectively in a variety of classroom situations. You will learn how to plan lessons and effectively motivate students and manage the classroom environment for four semesters as you practice in your field experiences. The four field experiences in a variety of settings, which have the student in the classroom weekly during the semester, gradually prepare the student for student teaching. Student teaching takes place during one of the final two semesters as a student. When the moment arrives for this learning experience, Alverno students feel prepared due to having these four previous fieldwork experiences. Art Education students teach for 9 weeks in an elementary or middle school placement and 9 weeks in a secondary placement. In the state of Wisconsin, it is not possible to obtain certification for only elementary or secondary art education. The certification received upon graduation will be a Kindergarten through grade 12.

Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction (DPI) requires all art educators to pass two standardized tests prior to student teaching. Praxis I  OR the ACT needs to be completed  early in the program before being admitted to further study in this major. These skills are determined necessary for all teachers regardless of field of specialization. The second exam is the Praxis II Art Content Test. This exam must be passed prior to student teaching. It tests your general knowledge in art media, processes and safety, the fundamentals of art, and art history. These two examinations assure school districts of both a future teacher’s general educational skills competency and pertinent knowledge in the field of art. When you obtain your teaching license after following Alverno College’s Art Education program, you will be ready to begin teaching in your own classroom.  A version of both tests is required in each state of the US.



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