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PPST – Praxis 1

What is this test?
This is a test required by the State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instructions (DPI) for teaching in all subjects and grade levels in the state of Wisconsin. It tests reading, writing, and mathematics.

When must I take this test?
Passing this test is a prerequisite for the first education class, Principles of Teaching Art, taken during the third semester. This course is usually taken concurrently with your first field experience so that you can practice what you are learning in the classroom. This means you need to take and pass the test during your first year of study at Alverno College if you are a full time student. Since being prepared is important, Alverno College offers a test preparation course.

For more information on the Praxis I exam, you may visit the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Website:

You must register and pay a fee to take this test.
Steps involved in registration are:

  1. Register online at The Assessment Center also has a Praxis Test Booklet that contains all of the test information.
  2. Find the table with the test sites and dates. Choose the site and date you prefer.
  3. Note that if you fail any part of the test and have to retake it, you will again need to pay a fee. See the website or booklet for the amount. It is wise to be prepared the first time to avoid having to retake the test.





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