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Praxis II – Art Content Test #10133

What is this test?
This is a test required by the State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instructions (DPI) for teaching art in the state of Wisconsin. It tests your knowledge of the content area you will be teaching. It includes questions about art elements and principles, art history, art criticism and aesthetics, art materials and safety.

When must I take this test?
Passing this test is a prerequisite for student teaching.

Post baccalaureate certification students need to pass the test before being formally admitted into Alverno College’s certification program.

Art Education students need to take and pass the test during the year of study at Alverno College after finishing the 5 course art history sequence and before student teaching. For most full time students, this would be the 5th or 6th semester. There is a Praxis II test preparation class offered at Alverno College. Looking at CD ROMs that come with art history books are also an excellent way to review and test yourself. Visiting the library and looking for resources that will help you review is also recommended for preparation.

Another way to help you prepare is to go to the Advanced Placement in Art History website and review their sample tests.

  1. From selection of courses, choose “Art History” (not 2d studio and 3d studio)
  2. Select “Exam Information”
  3. Under “Multiple Choice Questions”, click on “AP Art History Course Description”
  4. Scroll down quite a bit to “Sample Part A-B questions”, approximately Pages 10-22. The questions that follow this are essay questions and are good to study from even though the test you will take is a multiple choice test.

You may also go to the Educational Testing Organization (Praxis tests) website and review the art content test materials.

  1. Click on “Major Testing Programs” at left
  2. Click on “Praxis II” at left
  3. Click on Test List, registration, or fees depending on desired information
  4. For test list, scroll down to 10133 Art: Content and Knowledge
  5. Click on #10133 for sample test questions and information

You must register and pay a fee to take this test.
Steps involved in registration are:

  1. Register online at
  2. Find the table with the test sites and dates. Choose the site and date you prefer.
  3. Fill out registration materials for Art Content Test # 10133 and send in the fee. Do not sign up for any other test numbers. 10133 is the test required by Wisconsin. Registration dates are usually a month before the test.
  4. Note that if you fail the test and have to retake it, you will again need to pay the fee. See the website for the amount. It is wise to be prepared the first time to avoid having to retake the test.

Test Scores
Alverno College needs proof of your having passed the 10133 Art Content Test prior to approval for student teaching. Students will need to have test scores sent to Alverno College.





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