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Check out the range of  projects of our students, staff, and faculty in the recent past:

  • The Essence Project: A project sponsored by the Mary Nohl Fund of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, the Ellinger Foundation, and the Underwood Foundation, and facilitated by Professor Kate Weishaar brought students at Alverno and K-12 Partners together exploring the Essence of Portraiture through digital photography and other media.   K-12 partners included Honey Creek, Community HS,  St. Raphael Archangel, Prince of Peace, James Madison HS, Carmen HS of Science & Technology, and St. Aemilian-Lakeside. Professional Communication faculty Jill Moore served as professional photographer and Alverno faculty mentor for the K-12 students along with their teachers, Alverno Art Education/Art Therapy alums Roxane Mayeur (Community HS), Melanie Mendez (St. Raphael), and Jean Berens (Prince of Peace) and Elementary Education alum Melannie Trudeau (Honey Creek). Distilling Essence Conference Video
  • Sponsored by the Mary Nohl and Gardner Foundations, Alverno hosted the conference Celebrating Women’s Creative Hands and Spirits, featuring world renowned artist Betty LaDuke. Community members, students, faculty and staff participated in the day long event which offered the opportunity to sample connections between art making, environmental issues, and community activism. Photo Gallery
  • Professor Dara Larson facilitated the Sacred Ground; Peace & Conflict Studies Exchange, with student work (AE major Shannon Smith, along with student and faculty partners) to Southwoods Boys & Girls Club, Richmond, Virginia, faculty work to Bear Circle Creative Cooperative, Tucson, Arizona, and Beaus Arts de Lelaat, Srahgna, Morocco, and motion media by faculty and students to the Global Art Project.
  • Instructor Lynda Sommers facilitated Alverno contributions to the “Empty Bowls” project in which local artists have created over 2000 ceramic bowls donated for food pantry initiatives. Sold for $20 and filled with all-you-can-eat soup donated by local chefs this project benefits local populations.
  • Assoc. Professor Nancy Lamers traveled to Serbia to visit AE/AT alum Melissa Enderle teaching and returned to Alverno with fabulous art history and architecture resources.
  • Artourage Student Group held a silent auction and fundraiser for projects to benefit art majors . . . the auction was made possible through generous donations from Alverno alum Barb Jakopac and ACT Division Secretary Jean Shallow.
  • Lydia Nabirye (AT) and Chrissy Wieseler (AT) were featured in an article about assessment in higher education on 27 October, 2006. “Making an Art Form of Assessment” appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education (pp1-10).
  • “Two Cultures: One Spirit” Photos

Metal & Glass

Experience Metal Casting with Bronze and Aluminum!

Learn how to visualize and create your sculpture - devise a mold, then pour molten metal at 2300 degrees into ceramic molds.

Fusing Glass in a kiln is a fascinating technique!

Fire up your imagination by designing a playful mixing of light and color. Create beautiful glass pendants, picture frames, plates and bowls.

Dates and times to be announced...