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  1. Health Profession Network (HPN) made Art Therapy "Profession of the Month" for March 2007; see http://www.healthpronet.org/ahp_month/o3_07.html

Important Dates to Remember
Convocation: Spring and Fall, Pitman Theater
Art Majors' Midterm Assessment: Spring and Fall
Watch your mailbox for additional information or contact Michele Burnie

Self Employment in the Arts Conference:
This valuable opportunity occurs each spring and has been found indispensable to artists! A group of Alverno students attends and share costs. For more information contact Lynda Sommers

Community Day:
Join students, staff, and faculty in making our community a better place for everyone.

Recent Events
Student Lakefront Exhibition and Juried Student Exhibition awards:
students juried into the Lakefront Festival of the Arts:

Brandie Myhre, Shannon
Casey Madden, Cream City Brick
Kim O’Reilly, Beggar Boy: Reflections of China and Unearthing a Warrior
Emily Joy Sielen, Wood Grain and Great Lakes
JoElle Mason, Growth from Chaos
Randi Wagner, Prison Cell
Lisa Formanek, In a Dark Garden

Janet Kuehn....Brown & Peas 1 Pod — Ceramics
Laura Meyer....Progress? — Multimedia
Heather Kilsdonk....Soft Pastels — Digital Photography
Amy Schlessinger....Lizard King — Welded Steel
JoElle Mason....Tight Energy Releasing — Bee's Wax, Acrylic Paint
Heather Kilsdonk....Hidden Elegance — Photography

Caroline Kotras - "Stomach Ache"
Lisa Formanek - "L'Arbre"
Casey Madden - "Playtime in the Womb"
Stacy Vittal - "La Guitarra Mi Amiga"
Vesna Stanic - "Study after Monet"

Michele Multhauf....Ideal Woman
Lisa Formanek....Power of Mother Love
Heather Lucas....Sexual Politics in the Workplace
Jennifer Palkowski....In Suspension

Women Working Metal: Scheduled Workshops for Fall
All students, staff, and faculty can participate in the annual metal pour which occurs each Homecoming.  You must attend a 1/2 hour workshop to learn Styrofoam construction, the casting process and obtain the proper materials. The workshops will be conducted in September – Monday at 5pm and Wednesday noon and 5pm. Meet in the Sculpture studio LA B21. The Styrofoam artwork must be completed by September 26th. We will make the mold for you!! For an artwork approximately 10” high, the cost in Aluminum is $18 and Bronze $30. Questions, please contact lynda.sommers@alverno.edu

Welcome Transfer Students!
Be sure to thoroughly read your Art Majors’ Student Handbook…if you have questions regarding your transfer credit status, see the Art Department Chair Kate Weishaar or your advisor!

Art Education Majors: Praxis I and II Requirements
All AE and AE/AT Majors must successfully pass all three Praxis I portions before continuing with art education coursework beyond AE 210 and AE 222. Be sure to take the preparation seminar PST 029 when/as it appears in your major course sequence and take the test at that time. Praxis II must be passed prior to admittance to student teaching. Take the preparation seminar PST 329 when/as it appears in your major course sequence and take the test at that time. See the Art Department Chair if you have questions.

New Degree Summaries
New Degree Summaries for each Art Major are now available. Please contact Jean Shallow in AL 146 or your advisor.

International Study
Alverno College offers a varied menu of international study opportunities, many with an arts focus. Travelship $ awards assist students by helping study abroad to be more affordable. Visit the International and Intercultural Center on campus for more information, or speak with your Art Department advisor. This course substitutes for required WDC HFA 210 and 310 courses and WEC AH elective courses. Other substitutions may be possible.

Travel costs include round-trip airfare, hotel, two meals daily, admission to most sites, tour guide, travel insurance, and ground transportation. (Excludes limo to and from Chicago O’Hare Airport).

Consider these options which appear in a rotation:

Travel to Florence, Rome, and Assisi; see Michelangelo’s fabulous Sistine Chapel ceiling at the Vatican; experience live musical performances.

  • Analyze the relationship between basic art and music elements and principles of organization.
  • Articulate the various cultural and historical themes in Italian art and music.
  • Communicate and interact in Italy by recognizing and adapting to its diverse cultural and linguistic traditions.
  • Relate your experiences with contemporary art and music to your study of Italian cultural traditions.For more information contact:  Nancy Lamers

Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico for The Day of the Dead Celebrations

Study Native Mexican art, religion, and culture in four Thursday evening class sessions and travel to Oaxaca in Southern Mexico to experience its most important cultural holiday.

  • Celebrate the return of the spirits in the cemeteries at night.
  • Visit an ancient mountain-top pyramidal city.
  • Tour native archeological sites and ancient cathedrals.
  • Dine in famous Oaxacan restaurants.
  • Visit wood carving, weaving and pottery villages.
  • See the native dances of Oaxaca and listen to the music of the mariachis.

Oaxaca, Mexico

For more information contact:
Dara Larson at 382-6145, dara.larson@alverno.edu

One Credit Workshops
Consider sampling some art in a one-credit workshop!! These workshops are open to all students and offer an opportunity to try something new! Check IOL for this semester's menu!

Two Additional Popular One Credit Courses which Welcome All Students are:

  • A 140C: Creativity in the Natural Environment, weekend art making in Milwaukee area parks.
  • A 141 Discovering Your Creative Self, process work with a registered art therapist. Both of these courses are offered off-campus.

Annual Day of the Dead Display
FA 110 students study the day of the dead and create altars and other events. Art students are invited to participate in the mid semester lecture that takes place on Wednesday afternoon of Fall mid semesters from noon to 3pm. If a group of Art students wishes to build an alter, please contact Dara Larson.

We Want Your Good Ideas!
Student Advisory Committees contribute to planning Midsemester Assessments, the Art Majors' Student Handbook and other initiatives. Contact Art Department Chair Kate Weishaar to find out how you can join us!






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