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The Studio Art program at Alverno College offers well-structured development of student’s skills in planning, making and understanding art

The Studio Art Major at Alverno College is not business as usual. We believe that studio artists are integral to the future. A strong knowledge of creativity theory across arts disciplines, communities and cultures when applied through your own artistic process can make impact upon an increasingly visual world. Art History, international travel, design theory, applied oral and written communication, personalized studio practice and making art in communities prepare the studio artist to creatively craft a professional role in chosen careers. And because of the college’s unique ability-based curriculum, your arts education will be well integrated with a broad range of studies to help you build the sophisticated communication, problem-solving and analytic abilities that today’s contemporary art world requires for success.

The student learns the skills of seeing, responding, interpreting, and expressing her self in art, while working in a group or alone. By exploring various media, the student expands her ability to choose, imagine, and experiment in her use of techniques, materials and tools. The program of her study includes the curriculum, which begins with solid fundamentals in design and drawing and leads into advanced personal work in variety of two and three dimensional media courses.

Beside development of art making skills, the students learn the history and tradition of art that includes art from other cultures, since by studying the legacy of the past she can come to better understand herself and the work of contemporary artists. As the students grow they learn to make valid artistic decisions and judgments, and to recognize the aesthetic relationships necessary to produce art. The students also learn how to create art through collaboration and interaction with others, in various classroom or assessment opportunities.

The Alverno Art and Cultures Gallery and the Kellogg Gallery, through regular exhibits, offer the opportunity to study the original work of contemporary artists. Tours of museums and galleries in Chicago and Milwaukee, as well as international study program offer additional learning opportunities and are part of the curriculum.



studio art