Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The 36-semester-hour MBA program consists of five cross-functional required courses (30 credits) and two elective courses (6 credits) and can be completed in five semesters and two summers if students follow the couse sequence outlined below.

Each cross-functional required course integrates core knowledge areas with skills, values, and attitudes to enable graduates to build relationships that enhance organizational capability, results, and agility.

The elective courses offer students the opportunity to focus in greater depth on selected business practices, topics, and issues.

Core knowledge areas representing the disciplinary content traditionally found in separate courses in an MBA program are integrated developmentally across the required courses and include:

MBA Program Outcomes
By emphasizing experiential learning in an integrated business curriculum, the Alverno MBA assists students to develop their managerial competence and proficiency in:

Strategic Analysis
The Alverno MBA graduate uses knowledge of proven and emerging business principles and strategies to navigate complexity; recognizes the defining areas of distinctiveness of different enterprises and how to leverage them to advantage in the marketplace.

The Alverno MBA graduate knows how to get the right work done in the right way to get results; takes a disciplined, reality-based, and focused approach to translating strategy into action, using the resources of the organization and the team wisely to produce results.

The Alverno MBA graduate integrates and applies cross-disciplinary business knowledge to create and deliver inventive business solutions to customers and other stakeholders in ways that create and add value to business processes, products, and services.

Global and Cultural Competence
The Alverno MBA graduate uses interdisciplinary knowledge and enhanced cultural competence to interact with, manage, and lead individuals, teams, and business units within a variety of cultural and global contexts to develop relationships, resources, and markets.

Ethical Managing and Leading
The Alverno MBA graduate identifies competing values in business decisions and can act with a commitment to integrity in interactions that lead to the development of trustworthy relationships with customers, colleagues, suppliers, and other key business partners.