2012-13 Master of Science in Community Psychology (MSCP) Bulletin

Alverno's new master of science degree in community psychology provides an in-depth approach to the study of psychology within the context of community. In addition to taking six core courses, program participants choose to follow one of two tracks:

  • The Professional Counseling track is designed to help students develop expertise in important areas of counseling related to individuals within community contexts. This track leads to licensure as a professional counselor in the State of Wisconsin.

  • The Community Research and Consultation track is designed to prepare students for work as community researchers and/or consultants.

The MSCP program is open to both women and men.

While Alverno College strives to maintain an accurate online bulletin, the printed version of the 2012-13 Alverno Graduate Programs Bulletin is the College's official document.

Master of Science in Community Psychology Tracks