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An email address is unique, just like a Post Office street, city, state and zip address. Email addresses have two parts:

  • The user name
  • The email server or host address
The host address is similar to a post office address. When you send snail mail (regular mail) to someone in another city, the address on the envelope is read and that piece of mail is directed to a post office for delivery. That is the purpose of the host or email server.

The user name is separated from the host address by the @ (pronounced "at") sign. Each user name is unique to a particular host address. For instance – Jane A. Alverno’s email address at Alverno would be:

Email Addresses

You must know the address of the person you wish to send email to. You cannot always "guess" the email address. It would be like sending a regular piece of mail and address the envelope to Jane Alverno Milwaukee, WI. That piece of mail would not get to her.More than one email address graphic

A lot of people have more than one email address. They might have 3, 4 or even more email addresses. Most people have an email address at work, at school and then maybe one for their home ISP account. That seems like a lot of addresses, but sometimes having several email addresses assists in sorting email. There are also free email services that give you an email address and email server space for your email.

You need to remember that your Alverno email is the official way the college communicates with you. Pick up your mail often!!!

What is Email Etiquette?

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