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For these reasons, some conventions of email etiquette ("netiquette") have been adopted to facilitate effective communication and minimize confusion and ill will among correspondents.

  1. The immediacy of email has made it a more informal form of communication. Senders often write on the fly, with little thought of how the message might be interpreted. Receivers are more detached and read the message in a context that is often more formal than intended (since it is written in text). The point is: always consider how a message might be construed before you send it! Edit and reread your messages. Once it is sent it cannot be retrieved!
  2. Make sure you know whom you are replying to. In some cases the email is sent to several different people. You can use the reply or reply All function in your email. Also be careful when replying to email from list serves. Usually list serves have a preset reply to the entire list serve. You might only want to reply to the individual who sent the message, but clicking reply will send the message to the entire list serve --- and that can be embarrassing.
  3. Written messages do not convey the differences between fact, opinion or emotion. It is a good idea to label opinions, reactions, or emotions. Emotocons (or "smileys") are sometimes used to assist the writer in getting his or her message across. Some examples include: (Turn them sideways to see the "faces"):
    :-) traditional smile :-D Toothy grin ;-) winking
  4. Email messages are like conversation, but they can be quite permanent. Your message can be forwarded to third parties!
  5. Always use the subject line.
  6. Email packages let you reply to a message and keep parts (or all) of the original message in your reply. This assists your reader in understanding what you are replying to.
  7. Don't send junk email! It annoys the receiver and takes up space on the email server. You might think an idea is cute or interesting, but don't broadcast to receivers unless you know they want it!
  8. Always include a signature that is informative. Avoid cute little pictures and text images. They take up server space and annoy readers.
  9. Never type in all upper case - IT MEANS YOU ARE SHOUTING AT THE READER! - it is very rude!

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