How does email work?

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There are several similarities between email and regular mail (snail mail).

  • Both need to have a unique address
  • Both need to be "sent"
  • Both need to be "picked up"

Email manEmail addresses are similar to regular mail in that the addresses are unique. In regular mail, each street and city address has its own specific zip code. That combination of street address, city, state and zip code must be unique and determines what post office the mail gets sent to for delivery.

Email has a unique post office --- that is an email server. Each email server must have a unique name. When you send your email the last part of the address after the @ is the server address (or post office).

Email, unlike regular post office mail (snail mail), is delivered tEamil goes around the  worldo the email server almost immediately. That means that you can send a message and the person you emailed can pick it up within seconds (depending on his or her email server).

At Alverno all students are given an email address and Alverno Email is the official way Alverno contacts you!

What are Email Addresses?

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