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This Post-assessment is designed to check your knowledge of the Email section of Basic Technology Skills Module. The main outcomes for the Email section are:

  • Become familiar with what email is, what it does, and the components necessary to use email.
  • Demonstrate the ability to send and receive email, including attachments.
  • Accurately articulate basic email etiquette and abuses including flaming and spamming.
The Email section contains seven sub-sections besides a Pre and Post Assessment. These are listed at the left and include:
  • What is Email?
  • How does Email work?
  • What are Email Addresses?
  • What is Email Etiquette?
  • What are Spam and Phishing?
  • How do I use my Alverno Email?
  • What are Email extras?
As you take the Post-assessment, be sure to check your score at the bottom. If you scored LESS than 70% -- you should review the Email Section. When you finish, you will be returned to this page.

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