What are spam and phishing?

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Spam and Phishing are two types of email abuse. It is important to understand what constitutes email abuse so you do not inadvertently contribute to it yourself. It is also good to know how to respond to email abuse when it happens to you.

Spam imageUnsolicited email sent to a number of individuals is called spam and is a classic form of email abuse. The term spam comes from an old Monty Python sketch. You can use filters to help limit your spam, but some still gets through. Spam is annoying and clogs up an email system.

Phishing is much more than just annoying. It is a form ofPhishing image identity theft. Most phishing schemes are email that "spoofs" a legitimate source, like a bank, credit card company, or even an Alverno administrator. These message may look very authentic. However, keep in mind -- no legitimate company would ask for personal information via email.

Once you have been phished, the individual doing the phishing has your username and password, or other vital information. Remember, email is NOT a secure way to communicate. The Phisher can then use your email account to send out millions of emails, clogging lots of email servers. This has happened at Alverno -- so remember NO ONE at Alverno would ever ask you for your username and password!!!

One other type of email abuse is fl aiming. Fl aiming is a hostile and insulting interaction. It can be done in email or discussion boards. Keep in mind that in a way, what happens on the web (or with email) stays there ---- FOREVER! Emails can always be pulled back from the server, even if you delete them!

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