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The Alverno student email system is web based. This means all you need to pick up and send email on the Alverno system is a browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape).  Alverno now uses Windows Live as an email application.

To Connect to Your Alverno Email System:

1. Use your web browser to connect to this URL:
2. Your browser will be redirected to the Windows Live site.
3. At the login screen, type your Alverno Username and your Alverno Network password in the appropriate boxes, then click theSign Inbutton.
3. The first screen you will see is your email.

Email Screen

By default, your messages are sorted by date. You also might notice that some mail contains multiple messages.  This is referred to as the Conversations. To turn conversations on or off, pull down the CONVERSATIONS BY DATE.  If Use Conversations is checked it is turned on.  To turn it off, selectCONVERSATIONS BY DATE again and un check ON.

You can also set the layout of your screen using the View Menu.  In the image above, all of the messages are listed, but you will need to click on them to read them.  You can set up your email to include a Reading Pane. You have the option to set the Reading Pane to the right or bottom (or turn it off). In the image below, the Reading Pane is set to the right.

Reading Pane

animated quota pictureYou may store 25 gigabytes of email messages—your “quota”—on the server. This limit includes all messages, whether you store them in your Inbox or other folders.

If you go too far beyond your 25 gigabyte quota, your incoming messages will be held until you delete enough of your existing messages from the server to make space for your new mail to be delivered. You may check the file size for each message in your Inbox (or any other folder) by scanning the Size column on the right side of the window.  

Don't forget to LOG OUT when you are done!

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