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According to Wikipedia, file management: refers to the manipulation of documents and data in files on a computer. Specifically, one may create a new file or edit an existing file and save it; open or load a pre-existing file into memory; or close a file without saving it. Additionally, one may group related files in directories or folders. These tasks are accomplished in different ways in different operating systems and depend on the user interface design and, to some extent, the storage medium being used.

Directory StructureBasically, this means that file management refers to how you organize your files and folders. This organization could be on your hard drive (like My Documents), or on a flash drive, or other external storage device.

The main staple of file organization are folders. Folders, also called directories in some operating systems, are containers that can hold files or other folders (sub folders).

The figure on the right is an example of a file structure. The main folder, or directory, is called the root. You will notice that the root folder contains two other folders (Tangram and WTWcharts). The third entry on the first level is a file. You can tell it is a file because it has an extension. File extensions tell what type of program created the file. In this case it is a PowerPoint (ppt) file. Notice that the folder Tangram contains two other folders. FinalPapers contains the folder Presentations. Presentations contains a word processing file called discussion.doc.

Windows directory structureIf you have a good file structure, it will be easy to organize and find your files. The example on the left is a typical window file structure for the My Documents folder. Notice that there is a folder called My Classes. In that folder, there are sub-folders created for each course. This way, files can be organized by the class or course.

Notice that all of the entries on the left are folders. Not only do they have a folder icon, but they do not have an extension. Files have extensions that tell what application program they belong to. Saving and organizing files is very important!

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