What are file operations?

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File operations are simply those things that you can do to a file. For example, you can create a file, save a file, open a file, etc. In the last section, you learned about naming and saving a file. There are many different types of file operations. The main ones that most people use are:

  1. Creating a file
  2. Opening a file
  3. Closing a file
  4. Renaming a file
  5. Copying a file
  6. Deleting a file

You create a file any time you use an application program like MicroSoft Word, or PowerPoint. Most application programs open a new file when you begin the program, or you can click on the File Menu and select New.

Opening a file is what you do when you select a file you have previously saved. In order to open a file you need to know where you saved it. You can open a file by double clicking on the file which opens the application and also the file. You can open a file by opening the application and then clicking the File Menu and selecting Open and locating your file.

Closing a file is what you do when you click the red X at the top of the window on the right. If an application crashes when a file is open, it could corrupt the file so that it cannot be used.

Sometimes you might want to rename a file or a folder. There are several ways to rename a file.

1. Open it in the application you used to create it and Save As with a different name. This means that you will have two copies of the file saved – the original one and the one you saved with Save As.
2. If the file is not open, you can rename it by clicking once on the name of the file and it will be highlighted. Click again on the text of the file name. The name will highlighted (see picture below) and you can type in a new name and press the Enter or Return. Note: If you double click the file, it will open.


Sometimes you might want to copy a file. You can do this by right clicking on the file and selecting copy. Go to the place you want to copy the file to and right click. This time select paste. The file should be copied to its new location.

Deleting a file is really a two step process. Click on the file you want to delete once to select the file, then press the Delete key. You can also click and drag the file to the Recycle Bin. Keep in mind that moving things to the Recycle Bin does NOT delete the file. It is stored there until you empty the Recycle Bin. You can do this by right clicking the Recycle Bin and selecting Empty.

Where can I save files?

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