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There are several places you can save computer files. The easiest place to save files is to the computer's hard drive. Usually files are saved in the My Documents folder. However, this means that you have to be on your computer to work on the file.

At Alverno, you CANNOT save to the hard drive. Every time the computer is restarted, all files are erased. So if you are at Alverno, you need to save your files to another locations.

There are two types of places you can save files to at Alverno. These include:

  1. Your Home Folder
  2. External storage

Remember -- it is also important to BACK UP your important files.

To save to your Home Folder:

1. From the File menu, choose Open or Save As.
2. In the Open or Save in: box, click the down arrow for the pull down menu
3. Click your user name (H: drive); your home folder will appear in the Save in: box.
4. Select the file you want to open or enter a file name to save.

Home Folder

Saving to External Devices

USB Flash DriveThere are several types of external devises that you can use. The most popular is a Flash Drive (also known as a thumb drive, disk-on-key, and USB drive). USB flash drives offer potential advantages over other portable storage devices, particularly the floppy disk. They are more compact, faster, hold more data, and are more reliable due to their lack of moving parts and more durable design. Additionally, it has become increasingly common for computers to ship without floppy disk drives. USB ports, on the other hand, appear on almost every current mainstream PC and laptop. Sizes of USB drives vary from 32 MB to 64 GB.

Backing Up Your Files

Backing up your files refers to saving them in another place. That way, if your USB drive goes bad, you can still retrieve your files. There are several places you can back up your files at Alverno. One way is to copy the files to your Home Folder. This is a great place to back up your files. The files in your Home Folder are back-up regularly. However, these files are only available when you are at Alverno.

Another place to back up files is the DDP. You can upload files to the My Resources area of your DDP. These files are available anywhere you have Internet connectivity.

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