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The Desktop appears after you have turned on the computer and it finishes booting up. Think of the desktop as your virtual desktop in your home or office; you work with folders and files or documents upon the desktop. You use the mouse and keyboard to enter commands.


The Desktop allows you to:

Starting Programs:

Programs can be accessed through the Start Button. When you click the Start Button you get a list of "recent" programs you have used, along with All Programs. All Programs is your access to all software on your computer. However, sometimes a program is under the manufacturer's name rather than the program name. For example PhotoShop is located under Macromedia.

Start Button image

Access Open Programs (windows)

You can use the Status Bar to access programs (windows) that are opened. Simply clicking on the window icon will open the application and window.

Status Bar

Control Panel:

The Control Panel gives the ability to change the look and feel of the Desktop, how you view folders, the resolution of your screen, and much, much more. You should "play" with the various parts of the Control Panel. To access the Control Panel, click on the Start Button, and highlight the Control Panel.

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