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Help Menu

The Help feature for the Windows operating system is set up like a reference library and can be accessed from the Start Button on the Task Bar.

If you already know the name of the topic you want,you can use the Search Box.

Many help windows also include a See Help MenuAlso box or link.

If you have questions about using the operating system or working with windows, the Help feature on the Start Button is a valuable resource.

Within a specific application, there is also a Help Menu specifically related to that particular application. Almost all if not all applications have a Help menu on the menu bar. If you need information on how to use the application or any of its features, this is the first place to search.

Wallpaper Help


For example -- let's say you want to change the wallpaper (background) on the Desktop. You would enter "Wallpaper" in the search box. A number of choices will come up, similar to the ones below. Clicking on the choices will give you the directions on how to change your wallpaper.


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