How do I connect to a network?

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Besides the different types of networks you just read about in "What is a network?" networks can also be secure or unsecure. For example, anyone with a laptop that has a wireless card can connect to the Internet in Alverno's Commons. No logon is required. This makes it unsecure.

When you are in the Computer Center, you log onto Alverno's network using your username and password. All networks that require a logon have a username. A username is a unique name that identifies the user to the network. The username allows the user to authenticate with the network. Your username tells the network who you are, what permissions you have, and where you can go.

Different network use different username systems. For example, Alverno's network typically uses the first 6 letters of your last name, followed by your first initial and middle initial (if you have one). For example if your name is Susan B. Anthony your username would be: AnthonSB.

Your username is associated with a password. Your password is important and you should remember it! Your password is also case-sensitive (upper and lower case matters). For information on logging onto Alverno's network and ideas on passwords, go to the pdf handout.

Your Alverno username and password can be used to:

  • Log onto Alverno's network
  • Log onto the computers on campus
  • Pick up your Alverno email
  • Log onto the DDP

IOL is a different network system and uses a different system for usernames, as well as a different password. Using the same student example above, Susan B. Anthony, your IOL username would be: susanbanthony.

Educator is another network. At Alverno, you use your Alverno username for Educator. However, because it is a different network, your password is not necessarily the same as your Alverno password. This means, if you change your Alverno password, you do NOT change your Educator password. If you change your Educator password you do NOT change your Alverno password.

Usernames and passwords are important. They identify who you are, gives you access to files or information that pertain to you. You should NEVER give out your username and password to ANYONE.

For information on how to log onto Alverno's network - go to Tech Services's Accounts and Password site.

What can I do when I am connected to a network?

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