Pre-Assessment - networks

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This pre-assessment is designed to check your knowledge of the Network section of Basic Technology Skills Module. The main outcome for the Network section is:

Demonstrate a basic understanding of network systems including connection, file servers, printing, storing and accessing files.

This outcome includes information on the following:

  • What is a network?
  • How do I connect to a network ?
  • What can I do when I am connected?

If you think you have a solid knowledge of these items, click the link below to begin the pre-assessment. As you take the Pre-assessment, make sure you keep track of right and wrong answers. When you finish, you will be returned to this page.
If you are unsure of your knowledge, work through the Network section by clicking on the "What is a network?" link on the left.

Begin Pre-Assessment on Networks

If you have taken the Pre-assessment, evaluate how you did to see if you need to go through the Network section. If you scored 3 or more answers correct, you have a solid knowledge and do not need to go through the Network section. If you scored less than 3 correct, use the links on the top left to move through the Network section, beginning with "What is a network?"

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