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Logging onto a network can give you the ability to do different things, depending on the network. What you can do once you have connected to a network is referred to as the network services. Once you are authenticated (correct username and password) to the network, you have certain permissions. For example, once you log onto Alverno's network, you can:

  • connect to your home directory which is only accessible to you. You can use your home directory to store and save files.
  • use the print facilities at Alverno. To find out more about printing, go to Tech Services Printing page.

As a student at Alverno, you have access to several different "networks". Each of these networks have a username and password associated with them. Your Alverno network username and password gives you access to:

  • Campus computers ,including Internet, your home directory and printing.
  • The Diagnostic Digital Portfolio - an application that assists you in following your development at Alverno.
  • You Alverno Email - the official Alverno way of communicating with you. Make sure you check your Alverno email often!

There are other "networks" available to you as a student. These include:

  • Moodle - an on-line learning management system. Educator is your link to your courses and syllabi. You use your Alverno username, but not necessarily the same password.
  • IOL - Interactive On-Line - the place to find out your schedule, grades, etc. Uses a different username (usually your first name, middle initial and last name with no spaces - e.g. susanbanthony) as well as a different password.
  • Student Web Server - a place for you to create web pages. You will need to set up an account that is based on your Alverno network username, but a different password.
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