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This post-assessment is designed to check your knowledge of the Software Application section of Basic Technology Skills Module. The main outcomes for the Software Application section is:

Accurately describe a variety of software applications, their uses, and the impact of version numbers.
Describe and appropriately use basic functions of word processing software.

After going through the content of the Software Applications section, you should have knowledge of the following:

  • What is an application?
  • What is Word Processing?
  • What are Spreadsheets?
  • What is Presentation Software?
  • What are utility programs?

As you take the Post-assessment, make sure you keep track of right and wrong answers. When you finish, you will be returned to this page.

Begin Post-Assessment on Software Applications

If you have taken the Post-assessment, be sure to check your score at the bottom. If you scored LESS than 70% -- you should review the Software Section. When you finish, you will be returned to this page.

software applications

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