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To access a Web server and display a Web page, you need two things:

  • Web browser. Browsers are so named because they are easy-to-use programs that allow you to freely browse Web pages for hours at a time. FireFox and Internet Explorer are two of the most widely used browsers. 
  • Internet Connection. Today, most Internet connections are via an ISP Provider that is broadband rather than dial-up. An ISP Provider is an Internet Provider. For example, Road Runner is an Internet Provider that gives you broadband connectivity (fast).

Some businesses and areas have WiFi access. WiFi stands for wireless connection. For example, in the Commons at Alverno we have WiFi access. You can get on the web, but you cannot access your Alverno home directory. However, you can access your email, Educator, DDP -- anything on the web.

The web works by providing Web links (also known as hypertext, hyperlinks, hotspots, and jumps). Web Links are visually distinctive words, phrases, and graphics located on Web pages. In most browsers, links are colored (often blue) and/or underlined. When you select a link on a Web page, the file referenced in the link is downloaded from the server to your computer. Web pages can have any number of links embedded in them, creating an endless web of documents to sample.

Picture of Internet links

Important: This is a deliberately simple explanation of the relationship between HTTP servers and the Web files they access.


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