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Once you are connected to the Internet (either a direct connection like Alverno or a dial in connection) you use your browser to access web sites using a URL - Uniform Resource Locator - which is a unique address for the web site. A URL can be made up of several portions - a server name, a path (or set of folders or directories) and a file name. An example of a URL would be:

Web URL example

To access the web page listed in the above URL, you would type that URL into the box next to the address box . You will need to wait a few seconds for the Internet to find the web page and then display it in the browser.

Try this: Type in the following address in your browser's Address box. REMEMBER - URL are case sensitive -- which means upper and lower case are different -- so make sure you type in the address as shown!

and press the Enter or Return Keys. To get back to this page, click the text Return to using a Browser.

You can also return to a previously viewed page by clicking the Back Button Back Buttonlocated on top left corner of the browser.

You can also use Favorites to remember where you have been. To set a Favorite or BookMark -- click on Favorites on the Browser Menu. Keep in mind that the URLs are saved on THAT computer and browser. So, if you set a Favorite at Alverno, it will not be on your home computer.

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