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Although web applications seem like a great thing -- and in lots of cases they are, there are benefits and drawbacks to them.


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  • Different platforms (PC, Mac) and different operating systems can used the same application since it is over the Internet and you only need a browser to connect.
  • You do not have to download, install, and update.  Everything is done on the web site. The web application is ALWAYS up to date!
  • The background objects (databases, operations) are NOT on the users computer.

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  • the main issue is with security -- hackers seem to love to hack web applications sites.
  • Web applications must be available 24 X 7 -- so it is critical that there is support for the servers.
  • Most web applications are custom made and do not have the testing of desktop software.
  • Once data (pictures, statements) are put on the application, they be copied and stay on the web forever!  Becareful what you put on a web application!

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