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Information Technology
There is an almost insatiable demand for networking software. Trends in this area include the development of home media servers (that connect PC's and other devices to home electronic devices such as big screen TV's), portable entertainment devices (smart phones, automotive entertainment systems), and video game technology.
Web Technology
Educational institutions are a growing segment of the web technology market. Careers include developing e-portfolios for universities, creating social networking systems, and developing course and student information management systems. In addition, the industry requires web technologists who can design and implement database management systems, project management systems, and firewalls to protect their systems when being used by sales and consulting staff in the field.
Business System Analyst
Business system analysts design and implement processes to improve the efficiency of organizations through automation. Computer-based management of expense reports, purchase orders, order processing, resource allocation, network security, credit authorization, and project management are examples of some of the business systems you may over see as an analyst.
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