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CMT Courses

CMT 101 Introduction to Communication, Management and Technology
Prereq. IN 125 or IN 130; MGT 100 complete or concurrent; MGT/PCM 120
In this course, the student begins to integrate communication, management and technology frameworks, building a foundation for further study. She engages in a collaborative, experiential learning mode, conducting her own on-site case study of an organization, analyzing the interaction of its structure, management, communication, and technology. Background reading, class discussion and practice with case study methodology help students identify and develop frameworks to interpret their observations and situations and place their learning experiences in an historical context. Each student presents graphic and narrative descriptions of her case study in written and oral formats.


CMT 300 Connections and Specializations
Prereq. CM 156Q;CMT 101; PCM 230; concurrent registration in AC 317
In this course, the student considers how the multidisciplinary study of issues and organizations can prepare her for specific career directions. Reflecting on her academic and professional interests and strengths, she plans a course of study for an area of specialization and begins to develop an informational network among professionals in related fields. The course offers opportunities for links with partner organizations in person and via such technologies as video conferencing and Internet connectivity.


CMT 499 Professional Practice Seminar
Prereq. CMT 300; AC 417 or concurrent registration; concurrent registration in AC 467
In this capstone course, the student again integrates her learning across the curriculum as it informs her area of specialization. Refining previous or current projects as exemplars of her work, she constructs a professional portfolio that reflects her development in the advanced-level outcomes and abilities. She employs her professional network to assess her portfolio while exploring issues of ethical conduct and considering her own professional responsibility in planning future career directions and strategies.



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