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Management Courses

MGT 100 Introduction to Business and Management
Prereq. Level 1 Communication: Reading and Writing
The student studies successful local, national, and global organizations to develop her understanding of how businesses function and to identify contemporary management practices that lead to extraordinary organizational performance. She develops her own analytic, problem-solving, managerial, and self assessment abilities as a foundation for her individual and team contributions to organizational goals.


MGT/PCM 120 Interpersonal and Group Communication
Prereq. In 125 or IN 130 or concurrent registration
In this course, the student is introduced to the underlying assumptions, theories and applications of communication theory and social psychology to interpersonal and group research and behavior. She has the opportunity to learn and improve her individual interaction skills, using both interpersonal and task-oriented models. She develops the ability to analyze her own and others' behavior.


MGT 201 Introduction to Accounting
Prereq. Level 1 Quantitative Literacy; CM 111; concurrent registration with MGT 201-L;
The student is introduced to the nature of accounting within a business context. She learns the different functions of business, and the types of information, management reports, and financial statements that are provided by a company's accounting system. The course emphasizes the integrated nature of management and financial accounting issues. It provides her with an overview of the judgments and estimates the accountant must make and how financial information is used as part of an organization's information system to make decisions.


MGT 221 Managing in Organizations
Prereq. MGT 100; MGT/PCM 120; CM 114
The student studies individual, team, and organizational strategies (e.g., building shared vision, collaboration, ownership, commitment) that contribute to creating high performance workplaces. She continues to develop her own analytic, problem-solving, teamwork, managerial, and self assessment abilities to contribute to organizational and stakeholder goals.


MGT 250 Quantitative Methods
Prereq. CM 106Q; Integrated Communication Level 3 or concurrent registration
The student develops her ability to use a variety of quantitative and statistical techniques to make and support sound business decisions in areas as diverse as marketing, human resources, and financial management. She uses descriptive and inferential statistics, correlation and regression analysis, and other quantitative methods to develop the analytic and problem-solving abilities she needs in today's business world. She also uses contemporary business software applications to analyze and communicate statistical and quantitative information.


MGT 300 Marketing Principles and Management
Prereq. MGT 201; MGT 210; MGT 221 or for CMT majors CMT 101 completed; one Integrated Communication Level 3
This course introduces a student to how organizations develop products and services to meet the needs and wants of customers. The student works in a simulated new product development team for a major company. She and her teammates invent a new product and present a comprehensive marketing plan via a written report and an oral presentation to the organization's simulated board of directors at the end of the semester. The team identifies pricing to distribution to marketing communications and considers the product's impact in both domestic and global markets.
MGT 310 Finance
Prereq. MGT 201; MGT 210; MGT 250; Integrated Communication Level 3
The student is introduced to the basic concepts and skills required to manage an organization's assets for growth and survival. She learns problem-solving techniques used in acquisition, control, and use of funds to finance current and future operations. She also learns to analyze a firm's financial strengths and weaknesses in order to more effectively manage the firms' operations.


MKT 360 Marketing Research
Prereq. MGT 300
This course provides an introduction to the principles and techniques of quantitative and qualitative marketing research, including formulation of a marketing problem through research-instrument design and reporting of results, especially focusing on the use of technology solutions to assist in design and implementation of such research. Methods include focus groups, survey research, electronic database research, and other approaches.


MKT 361 Customer Relationship Management
Prereq. MGT 300
This course presents theory and experiences within the realm of customer relationship management, from a business-to-business framework, including consumer behavior, entrepreneurship, customer relationship management, and sales. It includes exposure to technology solutions in these areas.


MKT 362 Integrated Marketing Communications
Prereq. MGT 300
This course integrates and applies elements of global promotional marketing mix element, including advertising, public relations, sales, sales promotion, direct marketing, and Internet and electronic business elements, focusing on future trends in the development and delivery of these elements through technology. It also studies these elements in relation to nonprofit and service organizations.
MKT 363 Marketing Technology and Strategy Implementation
Prereq. MGT 300
This course focuses on the technological aspects of marketing and its integration within the business process framework from a technological perspective. Areas of focus include electronic commerce, electronic marketing, the Internet, broadband delivery technologies, integration with production requirements, just-in-time inventory management and distribution, and customer relationship management. The course includes a simulation allowing the students to gain experience in the interface between engineering, product design, manufacturing, vendor relations, sales and the target market.
MKT/MIB 364 Global Marketing
Prereq. MGT 300
This course prepares the student to apply marketing theory using global frameworks and strategic marketing planning in major work commerce markets. The student analyzes global markets, external environmental factors, competitors, and organizations, understanding and taking into account values inherent when operating within varying cultures. Trade areas examined can include, but are not limited to, the European Union, MERCOSUR, NAFTA, FTAA, and Asian markets. The student is introduced to exporting, importing, and sourcing models, and studies and understands the difference in applying global market entry strategies, including licensing, investment, and strategic alliance. Global implications of product, pricing, placement, and promotion elements are studied and applied through individual case analysis. The student also learns to act with an understanding of and respect for the economic, social, and biological interdependence of global life. She works in teams to develop an in-depth analysis for potential corporate product or service expansion into two global markets, focusing on cultural differences in consumers, external environmental variables, and markets.


MGT 370 Human Resource Management
Prereq. MGT 221; Integrated Communication Level 3
The student studies and practices how to make decisions involving selection, placement, training, compensation and evaluation of human performance. This course provides learning experiences designed to develop an understanding of the typical functions associated with human resource management in organizations; to build skills needed to analyze human behavior in organizational settings in order to make human resource decisions; and to further develop interactive skills.


MGT 371 Industrial Relations
Prereq. MGT 221
The student develops an understanding of the major problems affecting management and labor by analyzing the major trends evident in the labor movement and in the business community. Labor issues related to service organizations and the not-for-profit sector are also considered. She has the opportunity to analyze critical factors involved in negotiation and bargaining and to develop skill in managing this process.


MGT 379 A Field Study of Cross-Cultural Management in Latin America
Prereq. MGT 221; MGT 300 recommended
Through classroom activities and an international travel experience, the student researches Latin American management practices relative to organizational use of power, performance and reward systems, and the management of human resources. She travels within and between two major Latin American cities, adapts to life within the Latin American culture, designs a specialized research instrument or seminar, and conducts in-country field research through an internship experience. Countries of focus include Paraguay and Brazil, Mexico, or other Latin American nations.
MGT 380 Business Law
Prereq. MGT 221; Integrated Communication Level 3
The student gains an overview of the legal environment of business by examining the impact of a variety of legal principles on managerial decisions making. She further develops her analytic and problem-solving abilities by applying legal frameworks to business problems.


MGT 389 Global Business Strategies in Europe
Prereq. MGT 221
The student applies business and cultural frameworks to identify, analyze, and develop business opportunities in European markets. The course includes a two week travel experience to Poland and Germany during which the student presents business workshops, visits organizations, and completes an optional one week internship in a business.


MGT 400 Small Business Management
Prereq. MGT 300; MGT 310; MGT 384; AC 361; or concurrent registration in AC 414
The student develops her enterprising ability as a foundation for ongoing personal and professional growth. She also develops her understanding of the small business environment and entrepreneurship. Over the semester, she creates a business plan for a new venture as a way to integrate and apply the abilities and knowledge gained in previous courses.


MGT 405 Women and Leadership: Turning Visions into Deeds
Prereq. MGT 221 or PCM 230 or BSC 220; Integrated Communication Level 3
In this course the student synthesizes contemporary literature on leadership and formulates her own definition and profile of effective leadership in various contexts. She takes on the formal leadership function of a group with specific tasks, accomplishes objectives effectively, and commits to an ongoing program of leadership self-development.


MGT435 High Performance Management: Principles and Practices
Prereq. MGT 221 or BSC 220
This course introduces the student to quality principles, tools and implementation strategies. She develops her ability to apply these principles and tools by focusing on their use for planning, decision-making, and improvement as they relate to personal and professional life, daily management, continuous improvement activities, and breakthrough strategic thinking.
MGT/AED 488 Programming Training and Human Resource Development
Prereq. MGT 221
In this course the student learns the educational principles, methods and strategies to effect human resource development programs in her specific profession. By implementing these concepts into practical adult development programs, she enhances her management, supervisory skills and her training and teaching competence. She analyzes how she applies her social interaction, communication, problem solving and analytical abilities to supervisory and training situations.


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