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Steps for Getting MPS Approval for Research

MPS policy on research requires district-level as wells as school-level approval of any research.

For any students who teach in the Milwaukee Public Schools or in schools chartered by MPS, the following steps must be followed to assure that research can be carried out at your work site:



  1. To be eligible to carry out research in a given semester, you must submit the MPS research proposal form and all documentation to Kristin Kappelman, Chair of the Proposal Review Committee, by the deadline, with the exception of the Alverno College Institutional Review Board General Request for Exemption Determination form, which is sent to MPS after the AC 653 is successfully completed.

Note that documentation can be in the form of your Alverno research proposal, but you must make sure that you respond to all of the questions on the MPS Application to Conduct Research form. You must also include copies of any surveys, interview protocols, rubrics, pre and post tests, consent forms, etc.

On the MPS form, you are asked to give your advisor’s name and title. For the purposes of the PRC review process, please list Desiree Pointer-Mace, Associate Dean, School of Education, as your advisor. She will be the liaison to MPS for this process on campus.

The proposal form is available on line. You may go to the district web page and click on departments, then on research and evaluation, then research application, where you'll find the application. Submit the application and copies of required materials to the address noted on the form.

Note that your form must be received by the due date, whatever method of delivery you choose. Dates for review are limited.

  1. Your research proposal submission will be accepted but considered incomplete by the MPS Proposal Review Committee until you submit your completed Alverno College Institutional Review Board General Request for Exemption Determination form, which is signed at the successful conclusion of the AC 653. Please note:
  • Because your research proposal will not be considered complete and thus eligible to be reviewed by MPS PRC until the Alverno College Institutional Review Board General Request for Exemption Determination form is received, you will want to sign up for an AC 653 appointment as early as possible when the dates for AC 653 become available.
  • You'll want to make sure that you leave the AC 653 with a signed copy of the Alverno College Institutional Review Board General Request for Exemption Determination form and send it immediately to Cindy Raven at MPS.
  1. The final requisite step for being able to carry out research in MPS is your principal’s approval. The approval letter from Kristin Kappelman for the PRC will indicate that you have district permission to conduct the research, pending the approval of your principal, if the study is to be completed in a school setting. The principal then signs off on the research using the permission letter that Alverno currently requires.

  2. If you have questions about the MPS Proposal Review process, you can contact Kristin Kappelman at MPS or Desiree Pointer-Mace at Alverno.


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