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Research Review Committees

Research Review Committees function as one form of decentral review. Each RRC has its own specific procedures. In this context, it will assign RRC decentral reviewers who determine exemption from IRB review.

•  School of Education Research Review Committee (SOE-RRC)

•  School of Nursing Research Review Committee (SON-RRC)

If you do not see a Research Review Committee (RRC) here, then contact the Alverno IRB Administrator.

DECENTRALIZED REVIEW: A formal process for determination of exemption from IRB review that the Alverno IRB has explicitly delegated to a particular individual or Research Review Committee.
RESEARCH REVIEW COMMITTEE: A standing committee at Alverno delegated by the Alverno IRB to conduct determinations of exemption of research from IRB review. When located within a School at Alverno (e.g., School of Nursing), the Committee also ensures that student research conforms to the School’s educational policy for protecting human subjects. {Alverno}

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