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JoAnn McGrath School of Nursing RRC (SON-RRC)

The JoAnn McGrath School of Nursing (SON) requires that students complete a Practice-based Inquiry Project (PBIP) in educational and/or clinical settings in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation from the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program. The Getting Started page for student researchers describes important requirements for completing the appropriate forms if the PBIP has been determined to have a research component.

SON graduate students work under the supervision of their faculty capstone mentor in the development of their proposal. During the development, the faculty capstone mentor will evaluate the proposal for a research component using the SON-RRC Evaluation Form.

If the proposal is determined to have a research component, the graduate student will complete the appropriate forms on the Getting Started page for student researchers. Both the PBIP proposal and the student's completed IRB forms will be independently reviewed by the SON-RRC Chair.

If a research component has been identified in the proposal, a School of Nursing graduate student’s data collection for a PBIP cannot begin without both:

  • Completing an appropriate IRB approval process (exempt, expedited, or full-review).
    • If it can be anticipated that a PBIB will not easily fit an exemption category and review process, plan ahead because (a) an expedited review requires assignment of IRB members as reviewers and (b) a full-review must accommodate the schedule of IRB meetings
  • And, receiving appropriate documentation of approval, which

The MSN student should also be aware of approvals they may need from the site where their PBIP will be conducted

  • To conduct research in institutions other than Alverno, the student must adhere to IRB procedures required in these settings and seek appropriate approval prior to beginning their PBIP.

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