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Administrative Leadership Program

Total semester hours: 33

Educators who want to prepare for the role of principal in an elementary, middle or secondary school build on their understanding of learners and learning in order to create effective environments and organizational structures that support learning. Alverno's unique program of assessment and feedback on key performance areas is relevant and supportive to the work of teachers.

Alverno's program is the first administrative preparation program in Wisconsin to use the Interstate School Leader Licensure Consortium Standards for School Leaders (the basis for the Department of Public Instruction code for licensing principals).

Preparation for Leadership . . .

The Administrative Leadership program is designed for practicing teachers and administrators, who are not principals, but who want to become licensed as principals. Graduates of the program will be prepared to be leaders as principals. They will understand and be able to perform the essential leadership functions of a principal. They will know their administrative strengths and will have a professional plan for their further development upon completion of the degree.

Highly acclaimed faculty means academic excellence . . .
Alverno's faculty is nationally recognized for development of theory and practice in teaching, learning and assessment. Through Alverno's assessment process, candidates in the program will receive feedback on the following:
  • Principles and Practice of Leadership
  • Professional Interaction
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Decision-making Processes


The coursework is designed specifically for principals and requires a total of 33 semester hours, which includes 9 semester hours in core courses and 24 semester hours in Administrative Leadership courses. In the core courses, the student develops a solid theoretical base in development, learning, inquiry and change. The Administrative Leadership courses develop the knowledge and skills necessary for the role of principal.


Licensure-only Program

Administrative Leadership (License #51)

Students with a prior master's degree and an initial teaching license may complete coursework for Administrative Leadership as a separate licensure program. They must submit transcripts of their previous master's-level work and will be required to take any core or specialization courses for which they do not have prior transfer coursework.

Those wishing a transfer evaluation, should send copies of graduate transcripts with a note requesting an evaluation for the Administrative Leadership license to Alverno College Graduate Admissions, PO Box 343922 , Milwaukee , WI 53234-3922 .

To request an information packet and application form e-mail Admissions . Questions? Contact Mary Claire Jones, Graduate Admissions Office, at 414-382-6106, toll free at 800-933-3401, or e-mail:


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