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Adult Education and Instructional Technology

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Adult Education and Instructional Technology

Total semester hours: 36

This specialization focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively in a training environment that uses computer-based or web-based training approaches. It addresses not only design elements but also the development of infrastructure to support instructional technology and the ethical questions related to its implementation. The professionals for whom this program is appropriate include instructional designers, technical writers, course designers or developers, web-based trainers, and instructional technology managers. Students apply their work in the program to real-life work sites and may use their own work sites for this purpose.

Qualified candidates must be engaged in a work setting in which their role focuses on assisting others to learn and develop their skills. Candidates complete four of the core requirements for the Master of Arts as well as the Adult Education core courses and elective courses focusing on Instructional Technology.

To request an information packet and application form e-mail Admissions. Questions? Contact Mary Claire Jones, Graduate Admissions Office, at 414-382-6106, toll free at 800-933-3401, or e-mail:


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