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Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the Alverno College Master of Arts in Education web site! If you're a person who develops others—in K-12 schools or in business, industry, government, or nonprofit agencies—you'll find our website a useful source of information about programs that can support your professional growth.

The mission of the Master of Arts in Education Program is to prepare educators for K-12 schools and adult learning settings who are committed to developing the abilities of all learners, who are effective in planning and implementing developmentally appropriate instruction and assessments, and who understand and value diversity.

One important question we raised in designing our program in 1995 was “What makes a master's degree a master's degree?” We believe that our answer suggests the quality and integrity of our program: A master's degree should

•  Go beyond the knowledge base of the first degree. The Alverno MA is not a “warmed over” bachelor's degree--you'll expand your knowledge and skill.

•  Involve inquiry into your practice. The Alverno MA prepares you to be a life-long learner who can continually improve by systematically examining what's working and what needs to be changed.

•  Require collaboration with professional colleagues. As an Alverno MA graduate, you'll be able to work effectively with others toward the common good.

•  Develops professional presentations that lead to growth in others. As an Alverno MA graduate, you'll be confident and competent in developing others' knowledge and skill.

•  “Stretch” the candidate. The Alverno MA is worth the name of “master,” and you'll be proud of your growth as a professional.

The Master of Arts in Education has, at present, ten specializations for K-12 teachers, three for adult educators, and one for persons making the transition to an initial teaching license. Besides information on our web pages for each specialization, check out the interactive bulletin available on the Alverno web site.

Your faculty is eager to get to know you and to help you take what you're learning back to your workplace and bring questions from your workplace to your courses. Your ideas, interests, thoughts, and concerns are very important to us. We want to hear from you, to learn about you and your needs.

Mary E. Diez, Ph.D.
Dean, Master of Arts in Education


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