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About the Author


This cyber-history of beginning rock bands uses the Do-It-Yourself approach of most rock musicians: it allows the people who have continually reinvigorated the music style to tell the story of their beginnings. With rock bands having been started in a multitude of locations, in every generation for over 40 years and with an amazing variety of sub-styles, the Web provides an ideal forum for compiling a profile of this explosion of grass roots music making.

The portrait of beginning rock bands through the years that the data from this site helps
create will be incorporated into my PhD dissertation in Ethnomusicology (University of
Wisconsin--Madison). I will fully credit you and the band you submit information about in that publication. If you provide me with your e-mail address at the end of the survey, I will notify you upon the publication of my work and let you know how you might obtain a copy.

This web site is part of a non-commercial research project. I assure you that neither the
data you submit nor your contact information will be shared with any other Web enterprise.

Design Credits
The home page painting of a rock band practice space and the Rock Roots logo were
created by Dara Larson. A faculty member at Alverno College, Milwaukee, WI, Dara is a multi-talented artist who creates paintings, mixed- media works and artist's books.  Design for this site was done by Duane Balsiger, DRG, Milwaukee, WI.