In this survey I would like you to share information about the first rock band of some longevity that you were in, meaning a group with beginning musicians that stayed together for a couple of months or longer. If you are concerned about how I will use the data you submit, please read my privacy statement.

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What was the name of your very first rock band?
Location of first band (city):
Location of first band (state or province):
Location of first band (country, if other than U.S., Canada):
What type of community did your band first practice/play in?
What year was your first band started?
How long was your band together?
What was the main instrument you played in your first band?
Were their any other main instrument you played? (not listed above):
Instruments others played in your first band: GuitarDrumsBassKeyboardSax
Other instruments in your first band (not listed above):
Describe the vocals in your first band: One lead singerBackup vocalsMultiple lead vocalists
How many male band members did your band have?
How many female members did your band have?

What did you use for your main practice space?
Other practice space?
How often did your first band rehearse?
Who paid for the instrument you played in your first band?
How supportive were your parents or other adults toward your first band's activities?
How did you primarily learn the instrument and music you played in your first band?
How much did you learn to play rock music by watching musicians in other live bands?

List up to 4 cover songs that your band played often (include the original artist if known):

Did your first band perform original music? Yes No
What percentage of your band's material was composed by band members?
How were originals created in your first band?
If your band played one particular rock style, (ie, punk, pop, etc.) what was it?
If your first rock band played for others, please describe a typical performance location:
If your band made and distributed recordings, what format were the majority of them in?
What was the primary way you distributed your recordings?

FINAL SECTION (almost done!)
How many bands have you played in after your first rock band?
Choose a characteristic that best represents what you sought in playing in your first rock band:
For statistical purposes, please give your family's economic level at the time of your first band:
Please give your year of birth:
Please give your race/ethnicity:
If you would be willing to answer a few follow-up questions, please give your name and e-mail: Name: 
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