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A major in Broad Field Science gives an aspiring teacher the necessary exposure to a wide range of topics in science. It also provides the depth of study required to be certified to teach science in grades 6-12 (with the exception of subject areas in which a specific license is required--biology, chemistry, earth science, physics).

This program includes course work in biology, chemistry, earth science, physics and mathematics. As a Broad Field Science major, you will have the opportunity to work at one of several field stations to develop skills in outdoor education and to enhance your understanding of environmental science. You will become both scientifically and technologically literate, to prepare you to serve as a science specialist at the middle school level, or as a science team member at the senior high level.

While most Broad Field Science majors will take a minor (support) in secondary education, you may wish to consider an additional minor in a language or another subject area.

These are examples from an activity used in an Alverno education course. Students consider what they know about a topic, then consider the key concepts which they wish their students to know.

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