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The field of Environmental Science prepares the student to explore the relationships between humans and their environment. Students will use problem solving methods to explore complex environmental issues. This broad-field program is designed to provide students with an interdisciplinary liberal arts experience emphasizing the natural sciences and selected behavioral sciences and business and management courses. The environmental science program incorporates data search strategies, analysis, evaluation and prediction.

With this broad-based degree, students will be prepared to pursue a career in business, education, industry, government, and private political and consulting organizations. In addition, it will enable students to enter graduate school in a variety of fields including most sciences, resource management, engineering, law and public policy. Students are required to complete a core of courses that includes the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. Each student is also required to complete a minor (support area).

Support areas that are strongly recommended for the ES major are: business and management, global studies, social sciences, biology, chemistry, and secondary education.





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