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In the Alverno Biology program, you will will be doing biology, not just hearing lectures or reading textbooks. You will be identifying unknown microbes, doing field research on ecological problems, and measuring your own physiological responses. You will design your own experiments, analyze your data, and present it to others.

Your research in your coursework, and internships in professional settings will give you the opportunity to use state-of-the-art equipment, but that is only part of the Alverno experience. Alverno's 8 Abilities will prepare you for success in any field, whether you plan to enter the professional world with a bachelor's degree or continue in a graduate or professional program.

Alverno Biology Majors graduate with the proven ability to:

  • Accurately interpret the biological basis of phenomena and show the limitations of scientific analysis
  • Demonstrate proficient library, mathematical and computer skills in data gathering.
  • Design, conduct, and communicate biological experiments
  • Apply concepts of biology to environmental and societal issues
  • Work as professionals in the community

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