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WaterWhether you plan to enter the professional world with a bachelor's degree or continue in a graduate or professional program, Alverno's biology major will prepare you to be successful in the rapidly changing field of biology.

Your research in your coursework and internships in professional settings will give you the opportunity to use state-of-the-art equipment, but that is only part of the Alverno experience.

Researchers are constantly developing new techniques in biology. That's why our program goes beyond training you in these techniques and teaches you to be an effective investigator in any situation.

As the body of biological knowledge changes, Alverno's abilities, such as analysis, problem solving, and communication, remain vital. That's why Alverno graduates are sought after by employers, graduate programs, and professional schools.

What career options do biology majors have? Here are just a few:

Field Ecologist Medical Technician Biologist   Laboratory Manager   Natural Reserve Manager   Environmental Lawyer   Fisheries Biologist   Forensic Scientist   Laboratory Technician   Public Health Officer   Physician   Wildlife Biologist   Educator  Consultant   Outdoor Education Specialist   Sales Representative  Genetic Counselor  Writer  Bio-engineer  Health Consumer Advocate  Medical Librarian  Behavioral Ecologist  Epidemiologist  Nutritionist  Agricultural Geneticist  Zookeeper  Dentist  Laboratory Designer  Pharmaceutical Researcher  Veterinarian  Podiatrist  Science Illustrator  Food Scientist  Exercise Physiologist

Alverno Science Inquiry Activities

Alverno Student Research Archives

Biology Student Handbook

Research Tools for use in finding scientific information

Best web sites for use in finding scientific information (a service of the Alverno College Library)

Writing in Biology, a short guide to style and technique

Course Pages: BI 221, Botany | BI 222, Zoology |
BI 231, Human Anatomy and Physiology | BI 251, Microbiology |
BI 301, Microbial Ecology | BI 341, Ecology |
BI 361, Genetics | BI 374, Effective Citizenship L4 |
BI 441, Animal Behavior |
ED 347, Environmental Education | ED 351, Science in the Elementary Curriculum |
ENV 491, Integrated Environmental Seminar |
SC 118, Integrated Science 2 | SC 120, Foundations for Natural Science 2|
SCE 640, Thematic Standards-Based Science II

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