Environmental Science Course Outcomes


The following outcomes represent expectations for students majoring in Environmental Science:

Demonstrates Proficiency in inquiry-based search strategies in environmental data gathering .

Uses appropriate data to evaluate risk assessments
and proposes reasonable action as an effective citizen.

Integrates frameworks drawn from multiple disciplines to analyze environmental issues and practices and accurately identifies the strengths and limitations of the analysis.

Communicates effectively to various audiences using language, concepts, models, and strategies of environmental sciences

Designs and conducts environmental research based on appropriate techology and laboratory and field data.

Explores the complexity and interconnected nature of environmental issues and articulates a contextualized and pragmatic response.

Applies her descipline-based learning in multiple off-campus settings.

Alverno's 8 Abilities for All Students

The student communicator habitually makes meaning by connecting with everything involved in communication: people, ideas, texts, media and technology.

The competent analyzer is a clear thinker. She fuses experience, reason and training into considered judgement.

Problem Solving
The compentent problem solver defines problems and integrates a range of abilites and resources to reach decisions, make recommendations or implement action plans

Valuing in Decision-Making
The responsible decision maker is reflective and empathic in approaching the value issues in her life. She habitually seeks to understand the moral dimensions of her decisions and accepts responsibility for the consequences of actions taken in all facets of her life.

Social Interaction
The competent interactor knows how to get things done in committees, task forces, team projects and other group efforts. She elicits the views of others and helps reach conclusions.

Global Perspectives
A person with good global awareness takes multiple perspectives and articulates interconnections between and among diverse opinions, ideas, and beliefs about global issues.

Effective Citizenship
The effective citizen makes informed choices and develops strategies for collaborative involvement in community issues.

Aesthetic Responsiveness
The aesthetically responsive person articulates informed responses to artistic works which are grounded in knowledge of theoretical, historical and cultural contexts.

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